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Historic Valve

This 30” gate valve was unearthed on Culver Road during the City of Rochester Culver Road Improvements project in 2012. It was manufactured by the Rensselaer Iron Works in Troy, NY sometime after 1888. It is made of cast iron and weighs 4.4 tons. It was transported by railroad to Rochester, NY where it became an integral part of the transmission main bringing fresh water to the people of Rochester from Hemlock Lake in a time when wells and cisterns (usually contaminated) were the main water supply. It was in service for approximately 100 years supplying clean drinking water to the city. In 2012 the valve was replaced. Villager Construction purchased it and Chet and Dick Wells of Villager Construction refurbished the valve. After many years of service it now occupies a prominent place at Villager’s offices in Fairport, NY.