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Concrete recycling is becoming an increasingly popular way to utilize aggregate left behind when structures or roadways are demolished. In the past, this rubble was disposed in landfills, but with more attention being paid to environmental concerns, concrete recycling allows reuse of the rubble while also keeping construction costs down.

  • Produce specification sized recycled aggregates at your location
  • avoid haul-off costs and landfill disposal fees
  • Eliminate the expense of aggregate material import and export
  • Increase project efficiency and improve job cost - recycled concrete aggregates yield more volume by weight (up to 15%)


Typical Uses:

Aggregate base course (road base) -Or the untreated aggregates used as foundation for roadway pavement, is the underlying layer (under pavement surfacing) which forms a structural foundation for paving

Ready mix concrete -Consists of blend of cement, sand, and water.  This market is in its infancy stage with few recyclers attempting this re-use strategy although confidence is gaining through the Built Green program.  Above all, the recycled concrete aggregate producer must make a quality product and have secured a willing and progressive ready mix producer who already has something that works.

Similarly, recycled concrete can be used in new asphalt pavement as a substitute for virgin aggregate.  The additional asphalt cement required must be offset by the cost savings of the virgin aggregate.

Soil stabilization -the incorporation of recycled aggregate, lime, or fly ash into marginal quality subgrade material used to enhanced the load bearing capacity of the subgrade.

Pipe bedding -Recycled concrete can serve as a stable bed or firm foundation in which to lay underground utilities.  In this scenario, recycled concrete aggregate services as a replacement of virgin aggregate.  Originally, local municipalities developed specifications based on what's readily available in the area.

Landscape materials -Sized concrete rubble can serve as landscape feature; an attractive support that offers different architectural textures and color while contributing to Built Green architecture.