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Bid Calendar

Villager Construction, Inc. Bid Calendar

Villager Construction, Inc. welcomes and encourages quotes from M/W/DBE certified subcontractors.

Updated 11/2/2017

Day Bid Date Bid Time Project Owner Estimator
Tue 12/12/17 10:00 AM Klem Road Sewer Town of Webster RK
Thu 12/14/17 10:30 AM D263635 Intersection Improvement Route 481 at County Road 45 Volney NYSDOT RK
Thu 12/14/17 10:30 AM D263543 Route 31F Bridge over Thomas Creek NYSDOT AK
Tue 12/19/17 2:00 PM Hazardous Sidewalk Replacement South West Quadrant Phase 1 City of Rochester RK
Tue 12/19/17 3:00 PM Transportation Center Fairport CSD RK
Wed 12/27/17 2:00 PM Burritt Road Culvert Rehabilitation Monroe County HN
Wed 1/10/18 4:00 PM Water District No. 1 Town of Canadice RK


Clicking the Dropbox button above will take you to a Dropbox folder containing plans and specifications for the above listed projects. If you can not find the plans and specifications you are looking for then please feel free to request them by contacting Bob Kohn.